Molemmat Saaren Taika osallistujat pääsivät jatkoon Brittien Free From Skincare Awardseissa! Veera suolasaippua ja Kamomilla Sheavoide

Saaren taika veera ffsa19shortlisted

Molemmat Saaren Taika osallistujat pääsivät jatkoon Brittien Free From Skincare Awardseissa! Veera suolasaippua ja Kamomilla Sheavoide

Kisaan osallistui 130 valmistajaa, yhteensä yli 200 tuotteella.

Free From Skincare Awardsin ideana on juhlistaa parhaita ”Free from” kosmetiikkatuotteita, eli tuotteita joissa ei ole yleisesti kosmetiikassa käytettyjä ”pahiksia”, jotka usein aiheuttavat allergioita, herkistymisiä tai muita iho-ongelmia.

Kisaan hyväksytyt tuotteet kävivät läpi yli kuukauden kestäneen kosmetiikan ammattilaisista koostetun arviointiryhmän tarkan testivaiheen, jonka jälkeen jatkoon päässeet tuotteet pääsevät vielä tarkemman tutkimuksen kohteeksi. 

Congratulations! At least one of your entered products have been shortlisted in the 2019 FreeFrom Skincare Awards!

Please see the full Shortlist on our site:

Kategoriassa ”hard soaps” eli palasaippuat jatkoon pääsi Veera Suolasaippua <3

Saaren taika veera ffsa19shortlisted

Kategoriassa ”problem skin” eli ongelmaiho pääsi jatkoon Kamomilla Sheavoiteemme <3

saaren taika kamomilla sheavoide ffsa19 shortilisted

PRESS RELEASE 4th July 2019

The FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2019 Shortlist is Announced!

Over 200 products from 130 brands have made the shortlist of the eighth annual FreeFrom Skincare Awards – dedicated to cosmetics ‘free from’ many of the ingredients which some consumers need to or want to avoid.

Leading the way with an unprecedented ten shortlisted products is Somerset-based Lyonsleaf, who grow their own herbal ingredients on a farm in the Mendip Hills, and are multiple previous winners of various Free From Skincare Awards. 

Following closely behind Lyonsleaf are Tropic with seven shortlisted products, The Handmade Soap Company with six, and Ayumi with five. All four brands are also shortlisted in the Best Brand category. 

The shortlist follows an intensive period month-long testing of entries by a 100-strong team of dedicated testers, each with sensitive or problem skin, or with a keen passion for natural or ‘free from’ skincare.

“Judges were impressed with the diversity of products this year,” says Alex Gazzola, Awards Co-ordinator. “Among them were a rinse-off body moisturiser, a dry shampoo powder, an overnight foot treatment, a cleansing stick, and an organic tanning water.”

He adds: “This year the products’ performances excelled, which is terrific news for allergic or vegan consumers, those with problem skin conditions, and those looking to make more ethical choices, all of whom depend on free from skincare products.”

Gold, silver and bronze winners in all 14 categories – plus additional awards for Best FreeFrom Skincare Brand, Best FreeFrom Achievement, and of course Best Overall FreeFrom Skincare Product – will be announced online at the end of July.

The Shortlist can be viewed at the Free From Skincare Awards site.  

Notes for Editors:

The Free From Skincare Awards were founded in 2012 by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson – an expert in free from and director of the Free From Food Awards – and Alex Gazzola – a writer specialising in allergies and free from – to encourage and reward manufacturers of skincare products that are ‘free from’ many of the allergens, ingredients, additives and fragrances associated with skin sensitivities, health issues, as well as ethical, personal and environmental concerns.

For further information about the Shortlist, contact Alex on [email protected] 

For photography, contact Awards Administrator, Kirsty Mawhinney on [email protected] 




Phone contacts (not for publication)

To speak with Alex call 07783 108745.

To speak with Kirsty call 020 8004 6134.